Facilities at Lowestoft HAVEN Marina   

Berthing Facilities

The floating pontoons are state of the art design "System 2000" supplied by Walcon Marine. These pontoons are reputed to be one of the strongest, most stable and safest systems on the market today.

The marina was designed to ensure that each berth had easy access and generous manoeuvring space between berths and piers.


Each berth has a 16 amp electricity supply and is charged on a metered basis for berth holders and is included in the daily rate for visitors. 32 amp supply is subject to availability, please contact the marina office.

Fresh Water

There is a free supply of fresh potable water within a few metres of each vessel. Customers are reminded to use their own hoses if they wish to take on water into their tanks from the pontoon supply.

Emergency Stations

Should anyone fall into the water, there is an emergency access ladder on each pier. Emergency stations are positioned at strategic places around the marina and all carry a life buoy, fire extinguisher and small first aid kit. There is an emergency telephone situated on the wall outside the marina office. This can be used in an emergency only.

Marina users should  familiarise themselves with all the positions of the emergency equipment.

Boat Hoist

The marina owns and operates a 70-tonne boat hoist. Hauling and launching operations take place Monday to Friday during normal working hours. However, in an emergency we may be able to haul or launch outside of these hours depending on staff availability.


Fuel is available during office open hours, 7 days a week. For fuel sales ask at the marina office, or call the marina staff on VHF Channels 80/37.

All sales will adhere to the 60/40 allocated split and declarations will be automatically printed on your receipt. Fuel will not be sold to those not willing to sign the declaration. We ask that if you are using cans to fill your boat, that you move into the fuel berth and refill there to minimise the risk of contaminating the water  the fuel berth has been fitted with absorbent pads to mop up spillages.

Bottled gas is available form the marina office during opening hours. We are stockists for Calor / Camping Gaz only.

Refuse & Waste Facilities

There is a situation compound at the Marina with clearly labelled domestic waste bins, paper / card recycling bins, a bottle bank, a waste oil container, battery recycling box, containers for oily rags and oil filters.


The laundry room is situations on the ground floor. The washing machine and dryer are operated by tokens, which are also available at the marina office. Lowestoft is a hard water area, therefore, we would ask our visitors to use washing liquid rather than powder as this causes blockages in the pipes. We encourage all users to use environmentally friendly washing products that biodegrade to harmless substances.

Showers and Toilets

Please refrain from using your ship’s marina toilet whilst in the marina. Toilets and showers are located under the marina office. These facilities are open daily. After office hours they are accessible via keypad. Toilet and shower facilities for the disabled are also available on the ground floor. You will find that the facilities at Lowestoft are of the highest standard, please help us keep them this way by leaving them as you would find them.

Car Park

Visitors and Berth Holders have access to our car park.